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PegasiRover and remote controller


This is a remote control (RC) toy which is essentially just an axle of only two complex wheels. Yes, it will freely roll sideways unless the user turns it along the path of rolling to counter against the careening; and that is the whole point !

The coils can spin to move it along its axis and the hubs themselves can rotate oposite to each other for turning. Having only two wheels, it is deliberately unstable and the challenge consists in the ability of the operator to navigate it. The vehicle also features some sensory automation such that pressing a stop button will engage in automatic stopping maneuvers. Also there is a fully auto mode where the user merely points to a direction and the vehicle uses its onboard computer, compass, and operator position to navigate itself.

Forward thrustFORWARD THRUST


As a hobby / toy / stunt vehicle, and with the stability system turned off, the Pegasi can be a serious challenge to navigate manually. It exhibits a tendency to careen due to inertia, while changing directions, and also a tendency to roll freely depending on ground surface inclination. It requires focus, coordination and reflexes from the operator. Competitions and challenges can be arranged (in skill testing tracks) to determine champions of mastery and skill.


The user has control of two parameters

  1. Longitudinal thrust (thanks to the peripheral coil elements of the omnidirectional wheels)
  2. Steering (when the wheels rotate as a whole in opposite directions)

The challenge is to utilize the above two controls, synergistically and judiciously, in order to compensate for the vehicle's careening tendency (due to inertia or incidental terrain inclination) and attempt to keep the vehicle on course.


DESIGNER / Inventor : Thomas An
DOWNLOAD - PDF Brochure (1.59Mb)
Decelleration drawing
Remote controller close-up
Moving behavior drawing